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We offer propane for residential, commercial, and agricultural needs.
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Fixed prices for automatic delivery residential heating customers

FREE installation to your existing propane system

FREE gas safety check

FAST tank installation

Automatic delivery - never run out of propane!

Flexible payment options

Plus, underground tank installations!



For more information or to enroll with Thrifty Propane, call a friendly Customer Service Specialist today at 716-434-7563! 

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Note: Any overpayment will be left on your Thrifty account and used towards your next delivery.


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You will be charged $2.899 per gallon, plus sales tax (4.00% Niagara & Orleans Counties, 4.75% Erie County) and $0.001 Federal Excise Tax per gallon (if ordering oil) plus $9.08 delivery surcharge (plus associated tax).
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  • For existing Thrifty Propane and Oil customers only, please call the office to set up a new customer account.
  • 125 gallon minimum, to be used in one delivery
  • Residential heating use only
  • Minimum tank size 240 gallons